Which domain extension is right for your business

Which domain extension is right for your business?

When you want to start or expand your business, choosing the right TLD is crucial for your company to get the best footing in reaching your audience and customers.

So, how can you choose the right one among the top-level domains (TLDs) that are available?

Read on to find out!
When thinking about which domain extension to go for, look at your business nature, products or/and services.

Which TLD extension works for your business?

To discuss the TLD that is suitable for your websites, let’s have a good understanding of the most common domain extensions.

.COM – The most general and popular TLD designed for commercial use and any individual or organization on the Internet.

.Biz – This extension is design for business usage. Business website would choose this domain if their preferred .COM domain name is not available.

.ORG – .ORG domains are for those who need to establish credibility within the community and make a positive impact on the world. Non-profit organizations mostly use this domain extension.

.NET – It was intended to be used as a tool for maintaining network infrastructure. This TLD is recommended for businesses that deal with the Internet, email, and networking service providers such as Hostpro2u.

.MOBI – Mostly for companies or organizations that have a mobile-only version for their website, especially when targeting audiences who mostly use mobile devices.

.MY (or other ccTLDs) – Most website visitors are more likely/prefer to visit websites that have the ccTLD that matches with their home country. While to register it might be restrict and reserve for companies that are in the same country. Hostpro2u provides you with domain registration services of other ccTLDs even though your company is not based in the country.

In short, choosing the right domain extension will help you in building trust in your audience. Moreover, the right domain extension speaks about your business and can even strengthen your business identity.

Need a custom domain extension? Feel free to contact us or drop us an email. We will be more than happy to guide you along every step.

If your business is planning to expand from your home country, Hostpro2u is pleased to assist you to register a suitable ccTLDs, especially in Asia countries. 

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