10 Amazing Benefits of SMS Marketing

10 Amazing Benefits of SMS Marketing

These days, bulk SMS Malaysia is a well-known SMS marketing method. The use of SMS (Short Message Service) marketing is still a precious gem in the advertising world. SMS is just another word for businesses to send text for potential customers as part of their marketing. The SMS marketing benefits had become a great choice for businesses to easily reach their customers.

Listed below are the 10 benefits of SMS marketing as part of strengthening your business. Let’s get started!

1. Higher open rate than emails

The biggest benefit of using SMS marketing is that it has a 98% open rate compared to email when your customers receive it. It proves that this type of marketing has the highest open rate to all other advertising ways.

Emails may sometimes get lost in a junk or spam folder, thereby losing the chance to reach your customers. But with a text to mobile phones, customers can open text and read its content.

2. Cost-effective

You don’t have to spend a lot to send a text to your customers or even to send in bulk to a lot of your customers. This marketing method is good for businesses that are new and just looking for advertising without spending a huge amount of money in one go. You could check out hostpro2u for some free SMS marketing tips here!

3. Reach a large demographic

These days, most people have mobile phones with them all the time, and it is easy to reach them in a large demographic with SMS marketing. While some marketing strategies may only reach certain customers, bulk SMS reaches everyone with a big demographic.

4. Mobile-friendly

Through this SMS marketing, you can present your business as mobile-friendly to your customers since you can interact with your customers through text, and you want to easily give your business the needed exposure. SMS marketing plays a big role in mobile-friendly, and it is the easiest of mobile marketing strategy. This is how to start a campaign to mobile users

5. Fast delivery

SMS marketing is a fast and efficient way to reach your customers. You’ll be surprised that once you press the send button for bulk SMS to a lot of customers, you may receive some immediate response if your customers are interested in what you send.

With a little amount of time, you could blast your message to customers in fast delivery and may get fast responses in return.

6. Works well with other marketing ways

You can use SMS marketing together with other types of marketing to boost your business. Use it as a faster way to connect your customers with your message. You can also connect with them and bring them to your business social media accounts or even website to promote your product or service.

7. Strengthens customer engagement

SMS not only lets you engage what product you want to bring to your customers but in return, they can engage with you if they have any inquiry. This will make your business interaction more accessible and client friendly as you’re always with them on mobile phone interactions.

8. Customers can opt-in

This marketing strategy is a good way to provide customers with the option to subscribe to your SMS to receive updates on your business promotions, etc. Let them decide if they want to stay updated with you, or if they feel comfortable engaging with you. You could also see how much customers opt-in to stay with you.

9. Customers can also opt-out

While customers subscribe to your SMS, they can also have the option to opt-out whenever they want to. This is to give flexibility to customers where some may not be interested in getting the updates anymore, and they shall choose to opt-out.

This is to avoid losing customers that may feel annoyed with the SMS updates. When you do this, you could target them again with other marketing strategies.

10. Customization and flexible

Using SMS marketing is beneficial since you can easily adapt to it and customize text messages with different ways to promote your business. You could make a shoutout to announce promotions, discounts, reward loyal customers, share updates, etc. in a faster way. Learn to customize through here!

The Bottom Line

From all of these 10 benefits that I shared with you, I’m sure you are amazed that SMS marketing is still a very useful marketing strategy to use for your business. It may not be as trendy as social media, but it is fast and a marketing cost saving to reach your customers easily. Since SMS marketing has a lot of benefits, there is no reason for you not to give it a try!

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