How to Use SMS Marketing Effectively

How to Use SMS Marketing Effectively

Discounts, Rebates, and Giveaways

We know that discounts, rebates, promotions, and giveaways can always attract more customers. Around 80% of customers feel encouraged to make their purchase with a new brand if they get an offer or discount. A simple, short discount and freebie giveaway will generate more leads for your business.

Create Drip Campaigns

It is a great idea to create a drip campaign for your SMS Marketing. Drip campaigns are a series of automated messages sent to existing customers or prospects repeatedly over a longer period of time in order to nurture leads through the marketing funnels.

Create high profits from new and existing customers by encouraging opt-in (in-store or website) using a drip marketing campaign. Set up automated messages that serve each customer’s needs such as special loyal customer discounts, etc.

Send Renewal Reminders

Building your loyal customers starts from SMS Marketing. Remind them to renew your services. Simple text messages that include a direct link to your renewal page make it easy for them to complete the renewal steps. Pair it with a coupon or special offer to reward loyal customers.

Organize a Contest

Contests encourage your customers to engage with you and make it easy for your business to promote brand awareness. Set up a contest and ask your customers to send a keyword (like “WIN”) to a short code (like 63200), and many will be tempted to join as it’s simple and effortless. However, note that SMS contests should not be organized too frequently otherwise they might be mistaken for scam or spam.

Event Invitation

When your business organizes a workshop, talk or any other events, SMS marketing will be a great way to announce it and reach more customers. You can invite and encourage your subscribers to attend the workshop. It is a low-cost marketing strategy you should use for your event invitation.

So here you go, 5 great ways to run your SMS marketing effectively. SMS marketing is a relatively low-cost method to reach and stay in touch with your customers besides getting more sales through promotions and discounts. And more importantly, it’s simple, easy and effective!

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