Introduction of BULK SMS

Introduction of SMS Marketing

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing involves the shortest and simplest way for you to interact with your customers. It gives you the ability to send coupons, promotional offers, branded links to increase customer engagement and revenue, besides building and maintaining a good customer relationship. These short, simple and effective messages can boost your company’s brand awareness in a very cost effective way. For example, you can blast your current promotion to hundreds of customers at once!

Who should use it?

You must be wondering if SMS marketing is right for your business. Regardless of the size of your business, SMS marketing is another effective marketing channel besides sending emails to your customers. It’s a proven solution with 98% open rate!
sms marketing engagement


Why need it?

Now let us move to why you need it for your business. If you just launched a promotional offer, and you want to deliver this offer to your existing customers as soon as possible, you can use this marketing solution to boost the speed of the messages reaching your customers. For example, Hostpro2u Bulk SMS enables you to send bulk SMS to the below Asian countries. Don’t worry about different country currency rates as the rate is standardized in RM for every country.

SMS Marketing Rate

Where to use it?

Since the rate is fixed and standardized, you can use this SMS marketing solution anywhere anytime to target your preferred audience. For instance, you have businesses in Malaysia and Singapore. While you’re in Singapore, you want to blast a promotional offer to your Malaysian customers. You can do so in Singapore without any additional cost as all rates are standardized.

sms marketing text

When to use it?

Lastly, you have to know when you need the SMS marketing solution for your business. Most businesses use this tool for promotional purposes, or as a marketing channel to boost sales. Apart from this, you can also send greetings messages to customers during special occasions such as Xmas, or even personalized Birthday messages to clients with different birth dates.

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