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Four Steps to a Fruitful Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign

Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign is a simple but effective way to interact and engage your customers by sharing useful information, promotions and even wishing them Happy Birthday! You can reach out to a broad customer base with 90% engagement rate. It is an ideal solution for all businesses (especially retail and food & beverage) to connect with customers worldwide or a specific target market.

Get the idea how Hostpro2u Bulk SMS works
You just need to follow a few steps to start a successful SMS marketing campaign.

1. Select your target audience under “Contacts”.

Bulk SMS Contacts
*Put a message title so you can remember which campaign you sent out.

2. Fill out the messages that you’d like to send out in the “Message” column or select your ready template.

Fill Messages

3. Schedule your SMS Campaign under “Scheduler”.


4. Overview your SMS Campaign before you send it.


5. Your target audience receives your SMS!

text receive

Just remember to KISS (keep it short and simple) so that your prospects or customers understand right away the core message you want to deliver. Read more about How to Use SMS Marketing Effectively for the Bulk SMS Marketing campaigns.

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