5 Benefits of Business Email Hosting

5 Benefits of Business Email Hosting

Email hosting has become an essential thing for business. It provides not only email services but also a branding effect for a company. It is true that a lot of companies are still using free email services such as Yahoomail, Outlook, and Gmail. However, bear in mind that these free email services don’t give you a good company image.

Benefits of Using Business Email Hosting

Establish Authority and Trust

Which one do you think your customers would trust more, “sales.hostpro2u@gmail.com” or “sales@exabytes.my”? It is definitely sales@exabytes.my rite? An effective way to gain customer trust is using email hosting that gives you professional email accounts.

Secure Access

When using a webmail account, all your data sent and received from the server are encrypted until you sign out. Most email hosting services are equipped with 128bit of encryption to ensure security for webmail. This is to safeguard sensitive information so that it does not leak out.

Storage Space

Most email hosting services offer a huge storage space per mailbox. It all depends on the amount of storage you sign up for (from megabyte to gigabyte storage capacity). Even with just a basic plan, you can store thousands of email messages. Be sure to get a flexible email hosting so that you can upgrade anytime for more space and users.

Viruses and Spam

A reliable email hosting solution blocks infected emails before they can enter the email network. Most email hosting services are packaged with advanced virus scanners to protect business emails from viruses, and quarantine spam emails before they penetrate the inbox.


It’s cost-effective as it saves your time and resources. You don’t have to purchase an email system and hiring additional IT staff to maintain and ensure security. Now you can focus more on important tasks instead of doing extra work to maintain and support your business email.

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