Managing Domain Names in Plesk

Managing Domain Names in Plesk

Your domain name is a core component for you and your business to have its own online presence. A domain name acts just like your address, which visitors use to navigate them to you in the limitless internet environment.

Well, you may choose to let your IT department manage those domains like setting up or changing domain names, but what if your IT department is not available or they are outstation and not in the office while you need a short domain edit?

You may be wondering how to set up and manage your domain name in Plesk. Today I will guide you step by step to manage your domain name in Plesk.

How to Change a Domain Name

Changing a domain name in Plesk is super easy with just a few clicks, and you’re done.

Login to Plesk Control Panel in Hostpro2u Client Area and head over to Domains in the Navigation menu.
Then, click on > Hosting Settings to change your domain name as below:

Managing Domain Name in Plesk

*The red box shows where you put in your domain name, and you’re all set with the new domain name. You can choose your preferred domain you want.

How To Add or Remove?

Need to manage more than one website? Then, you’re required to add an additional domain name to the server. Adding your domain names is easy through the Plesk panel. Here are the steps to host a new website, with a second-level domain name:

1. Make sure you’re at the Website & Domains and click Add Domain
2. Follow the on-screen instructions as the screenshot is below:
3. Click Add Domain to add your domain.

Add Domain in Plesk

4. Setup your domain and Select OK. You should be able to see your new domain name appear in the list at the bottom of the screen.
5. If changing the hosting is available for your account, then you can simply click on the domain name of your new website to view or change the hosting settings.
6. You’re ready to go!


How about removing a domain name?

Well, Plesk have you sorted out but gently be reminded that all the data that tie with the site will be deleted from the server as well. If you insist you want to delete the domain, here are the steps to do so:

1. Head over to Website & Domains at the left panel
2. Find the domain name that you want to remove
3. Click on Remove Website or Remove Subdomain

Delete Domain in Plesk
4. Confirm the removal and select OK

To have full reign over your domain, there are still other services like email services, setting up mailboxes on the website domain, and managing mailing lists, which all can be done through Plesk interface. What’s even better is that Plesk giving you complete control of your domain without relying on other parties’ software, which may not be reliable.

Do follow our blog updates for more steps-by-steps guidance on Plesk, EnterpriseMail Email Hosting, etc.

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