Why You Should Choose Website Shared Hosting

Why You Should Choose Website Shared Hosting

When it comes to building a new website, you definitely will choose between hosting packages such as shared, dedicated, or VPS hosting plans. These options offer different services that are not suitable for every website.

Hence, we will explain the basics of shared hosting and why it is the most appropriate option for new and smaller websites.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a service that allows individuals or organizations to build a website and provide owners with a virtual room to store and access their data. A web hosting service provider offers essential services and technologies required for the website to be accessed online. Sites are hosted or kept on servers. Similar to renting services, website owner acts as tenant and web hosting provider is paid to provide data storing services on the servers.

Besides shared hosting, website owners can still choose between self-hosting and dedicated hosting. Even though these plans are providing full control over the web hosting process or even more exclusive rights to be enjoyed under a dedicated plan, they are less cost-effective than shared hosting plans.

What is Website Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting where the website owner has to share the virtual space with others to store their data in one or more servers of the web host. However, every user in the sharing space will only be permitted access to the data they stored. Every user has a storage limit, and this varies depending on the web hosting package. In shared hosting, many users are utilizing the resources on the same server which keep the costs low and more cost-effective. Most of the time, the subscription to the most expensive shared hosting package is probably still cheaper than other hosting options.

Shared hosting is a kind of the most cost-effective hosting that can help new start-up businesses to get a quick start online as the costs of maintaining a server is shared by all of the users. This is well suited for smaller businesses that do not require advanced configurations since the resources are not sufficient for sites with high traffic.

Why Shared Hosting?


Shared hosting has the most cost-effective solution for users. Generally, the basic plan starts around RM39.90 per month with unmetered bandwidth, unlimited subdomains, total mailboxes quota, and size.

Shared hosting setups are easy even for the user with zero experience in website design or development because it is straightforward to set up. Most plans attach with the number of tools and specific control panel to manage your website. This simplifies the administrative tasks and design of your site.

Maintenance/ Backend Support
Shared hosting servers probably are well managed by web hosting provider in running server administration. With shared hosting, the owner can rely on professional technical support for everything. You just need a 24×7 Support to solve all your problems.

It can host dynamic websites
Shared hosting server allows the owner to host dynamic websites. A dynamic website is a customized site that enables different users to have different browsing views on the same website. Facebook, Quora, and Twitter are an example of popular dynamic websites. Dynamic content management systems (CMSs) include WordPress and Joomla. These sites and systems are using alternative programming languages such as Perl, Python, or PHP to perform in such creative ways that are able to run on a shared hosting server.


Most shared hosting plans come with tight restrictions because every owner on the server must be considered with the purpose of maintaining and keeping high uptime rates and high security of the server. Thus, users most likely are unable to run specific applications that are needed for their site.

Disk Space/ Storage
Most of the shared providers will provide insufficient storage for those users who need more disk space when their website grows. It is important to make a wise choice on selecting web hosting providers to provide large storage with great offers.

Security will be the most concern for website owners. It is important to be guaranteed that your site is secure. Sadly, security is another frequently neglected issue in shared hosting.
Uncertain serious issues on the server can be carried out by mistakes from one of the administrators within the shared hosting platform. A cyber attack could take advantage of these mistakes to access your confidential details unless you have high cybersecurity awareness. This may affect your site and could be blocked if those issues are detected by the servers.
Fortunately, these things can be resolved or avoided by finding a dependable web hosting company that has the right tools and knowledge to deal with the above said issues. Different types of powerful SSL Certificates are able to avoid those problems, if you need a highly secure system.

Is Shared Hosting Right For Me?

Shared hosting will be the right choice for you if you:

  • Want to keep the cost down.
  • Have little or no experience with web hosting.
  • Don’t need access to complicated web programming.
  • Designing a small business website or something for friends & family.
  • Running a startup company.
  • Are creating a small business website.
  • Joomla or WordPress Lover.

Sharing server space makes shared hosting very affordable without losing any functionality required to operate a website. This is very cost-effective in resource sharing because you probably don’t need large storage, and the resources will be nicely utilized with other owners.

We hope you’ve got some ideas about shared hosting from this blog post. To find out more, don’t hesitate to check out our shared hosting plans here