How to point your Domain to your Hosting

How to point your Domain to your Hosting?

A DNS (Domain Name System) can be defined as the phonebook of the Internet. For every website name such as, DNS converts it into an IP (Internet Protocol) address such as While we humans access websites using domain names, web browsers work through IP addresses. Just like a phonebook, every time we enter a domain name (URL), DNS will convert it into an IP address so the browser can load the website.

What is a Nameserver?

A Nameserver keeps a huge quantity of data. It works to find the stored domain name and turn it into an IP address. A string of long numbers is hard to remember, right? So, it makes sure we only need to remember the domain name by interacting with the browser for you.

The way these DNS records are created is different, depending on your service provider. Normally you will need to use at least 2 different IP addresses for 2 different nameservers for top-level domain extensions: .com, .org, .net, etc.

How to point your domain to your Hosting

Congratulations on registering your desired domain name! Now, assume you buy a domain and hosting plan separately, how can you point your domain name to your current hosting provider? We will guide you through the initial process of changing your nameserver so that your new domain connects with your existing hosting plan.

Step 1: Login to the Client Area.

Go to our website:, and click on “Login” on the top right corner.

hostpro2u web hosting

Step 2: Select your domain

Click on “Domain” on the menu bar and click on the “My Domains” tab.
Hostpro2u Managing Domain

Step 3: Choose “Manage Nameservers”

Click on the button next to the “Spanner” icon and choose “Manage Nameservers” on the right side of the domain you wish to edit.

hostpro2u my domains

Step 4: Change your nameserver

You may change your nameserver with your specific nameserver given by your existing hosting provider.
*Check the email from your hosting company to get your specific nameserver

hostpro2u managing dns nameserver

DNS update may take up to 24 hours.

Different hosting providers may have different pointing method. If you still have any enquiries, please feel free to comment below or contact our support right away.

We’re always ready to assist!

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