Virtual Private Servers FAQ
    A. Virtual Private Servers are the most advanced step in server virtualization technology. They are used to partition a single physical server into many (as many as 1000) isolated virtual private servers. Each virtual privat server looks and behaves exactly like a real networked server system, complete with its own set of init scripts, users, processes, filesystems, etc.
    A. Most of applications can be installed within of the Virtual Private Server without any modifications. Our customers are using Oracle, DB/2, Weblogic, Websphere and other commerical applications quite succesfully. Applications and services do not have to be aware of Virtuozzo. However, direct access to hardware is not available.
    A. Yes. More over, special patent-pending algorithm is employed to minimize downtime and ensure no data is lost in the process. All you need is a fast network connection between the servers.
    A. In short, Virtuozzo is the only highly scalable virtualization technology with near-zero overhead, strong isolation and rapid customer provisioning that's ready for production use right now. Deployment of Virtuozzo improves efficiency, flexibility and quality of service in the enterprise environment.
    A. Virtuozzo is able to lower Total Cost of Ownership and improve Return On Investment in many ways. For existing hardware, it allows to utilize its processing power better by improving average load from 3-5% to at least 30-50%, while still providing ability to handle peak loads. To decrease complexity, Virtuozzo provides standardized and centralised server management, logically decoupled from actual hardware. And when its time to buy new servers, you can now use few more powerful servers instead of many little ones - with added benefits of better reliability, better peak performance and typically longer lifespan.
    A. By providing unified scalable platform with such unique features as rapid application and updates provisioning. Each Virtual Private Server is hardware independent and can be moved to another Virtuozzo-based system in seconds over the network. This allows for ease of hardware maintenance (move out all VPS and do whatever you need with the box) and improved availability (keep a syncronized copy of your virtual private server elswere and start it up when primary service failed). If your old box is not able to cope with peak load anymore, just move your VPS to a new one - as simple as drag-n-drop in GUI.