Virtual Dedicated Servers Packages

Virtual Dedicated Server (or VDS) is a means of splitting a single physical server into multiple virtual servers, where each VDS-es runs on its own and they are isolated from others.VDS is a technology where it fills a void between shared hosting and dedicated servers, allowing root-level access without requiring sole ownership of a server. Each VDS has its own set of processes and resource management, and behaves exactly like a stand-alone server. It is suitable for those who wishes to have the ownership of server but do not require investment in physical server.

Payment Scheme Price (Monthly)
You may choose the payment scheme best suited for your needs.
Monthly RM 398
Half-Yearly RM 398
Quarterly RM 398
Yearly RM 298
Installation Charge (One Time) RM 600
Disk Space 80GB Disk Space
RAID Support RAID1 (Mirroring)
Bandwidth Transfer 150GB Transfer/Month
IP Addresses 1 Dedicated IP
Remote Access Remote Access Desktop
OS Updates OS Updates/Patches
Preinstalled Operating System Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition
Optional Services
Software Services/Upgrades
1 CPU MS SQL 2008 WorkGroup Edition License
RM 379/Month
NAS FTP Account (For backup) - Non Managed
10GB NAS FTP RM 600/Year
20GB NAS FTP RM 1,200/Year
40GB NAS FTP RM 2,000/Year