Bulk SMS Marketing Solution

With HostPro2U Bulk SMS, you can now send bulk SMS messages to your customer mobile devices easily from your computer at a low cost while still enjoying a high engagement rate!


Of Text Messages Are Read Within 3 Minutes


Open Rate For SMS Texts


Of Millennials Prefer SMS For Promos & Surveys

Bulk SMS Plans
Bulk SMS Plans Price (package) Select Plan
GOLD RM 3,000
Bulk SMS Rates
Country Country Code Telco Price/SMS
Malaysia 60 Altel, Celcom, Digi, Maxis, Others, Tune Talk, U Mobile, Webe, XOX RM0.13
Malaysia 60 Telekom Malaysia (Umobile MVNO) RM0.472
Singapore 65 All RM0.16
China (exclude Hong Kong & Macau) 86 All RM0.18
Indonesia 62 All RM0.16
Vietnam 84 All RM0.16
Thailand 66 All RM0.16

Bulk SMS Features

Personalised Messages
Personalised Messages

Easily create templates for 1:1 personalisation and save for later use.

Scheduled Texts
Scheduled Texts

Schedule messages to auto send daily, weekly, or monthly. Sit back and relax.

Delivery Reports
Delivery Reports

Detailed information on the status of each message you send is available, traceable to contact level.

Take Your Text Marketing to the Next Level

Powerful & Easy Channel to Reach Your Customers - Every Time.

Broadcast to Thousands in Seconds

Import your customer contacts and send thousands of SMS in just a few clicks.

Wide Audience Reach
Wide Audience Reach

Easily target customers in Malaysia, with or without internet connection.

Short and Sweet
Short and Sweet

Ensure that your messages are clear and straight to the point with 160 characters.

Cut Through the Noise
Cut Through the Noise

Delivered directly into the palm of your customer's hand.Never be mistaken for spam messages.

Immediate Marketing Channel
Immediate Marketing Channel

A staggering 98% of all text messages are read – and 90% are opened within 3 minutes of receiving.

Lower Cost
Lower Cost

SMS is faster, cheaper and more convenient than emails and phone calls.

Bulk SMS: Other Amazing Features

Affordable marketing solution to reach your mass customers!
  • Easily branded with company names or advertising material!
  • Real time log of all text messages sent!
  • Import contact list with add, remove and upload features!
  • Password security!
  • Low per message fee!
  • Fast delivery!
  • Optional automatic Field Insertion (Message personalization)!
  • Immediate messaging to global contacts!
  • Grouping functionality!
  • Single and bulk text messaging!
Terms & Conditions
  • Calculations are based on a standard English Text SMS (up to 152 characters max).
  • Prices are subject to changes.
  • Inter-operator charges apply to operators in some countries.
  • SMS credits are valid for 1 year from the date of your purchase and will be forfeited after expired. However, if you add more credits before the expiry date, the remaining credits will enjoy the new expiry date together with the new credits.
  • SMS credits are strictly not refundable and not transferable.
  • Volume discount will be given to those purchasing more than 10,000 SMS.
  • Kindly email to sales@hostpro2u.com for further enquiry.
  • By subscribing to our service, You agree to comply with our terms of service available here, guidelines and all conditions promulgated by mobile/ network operators, local regulators and our service providers.
  • E-Global Innovative Sdn. Bhd. reserves the right to amend any Terms & Conditions without prior notice.