A: To change your FTP password, telnet or ssh to your ftp server and follow the prompts.
    A: Make sure you have chmod them to mode 700 and you have placed your scripts under the provided cgi-bin directory, otherwise your cgi scripts will not run.
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    A: The server automatically changes turn on the execute bit for files uploaded by non-anonymous users that appear executable (i.e it has a !#/bin/sh or is in binary format). If you wish to chmod from the command line (i.e. using Microsoft ftp client) the command is: literal site chmod XXX filename.
    A: MySQL is available free to Linux Gold Plan users. There are no setup charges and you get one database with 30MB only. For Standard and Silver plan users, MySQL is available at RM100 yearly for 10MB space. To get MySQL contact support.
    A: We do not provide shell accounts, you will only be able to to change your password via telnet. To connect to your MySQL database, use a MySQL client. Visit the MySQL site for more information.
    A: Our Linux servers have pre-installed counters and perl scripts in the cgi-bin directory ready for you to use. Look at freemail.html or count.cgi for more information.
    A: Yes you can, however you need to contact support to request activation of your FrontPage extensions.
    A: Yes you can, send the details (the folder you wish to protect, username, password, etc.) of what you want to support.