Hosting FAQ
    A: Yes, you can. however, we will monitor all scripts running in our servers and if we find any script(s) taking up an unacceptable amount of time/system resources, and thus violating our acceptable use policy, we will take action including possibly terminating your account.
    A: This is a violation of Hostpro2u's acceptable use policy .These scripts will spawn into a lot of zombie process when the other host/server is unreachable
    Q: What is multiple host name hosting / multiple domain hosting? A: This allows you to have more than one website on a single plan. So you will have an additional website sharing disk space with your existing website. The cost is RM100 a year. You must have an existing hosting plan (Standard, Silver, Gold Linux or Windows Web Hosting) to subscribe to this. You will get no additional email or ftp accounts with this.
    A: Domain redirection redirects visitors to a domain to another page i.e. visitors to will be forwarded to However visitors to will get a 404 error even if filename.html exists in the correct directory. Domain redirectioncosts RM30 per year.
    A: Yes, you can. Usage software is pre-installed for all domains hosted on our servers. You can track your site performance for the past four weeks. However, where possible (see below), we encourage you to download your log files for your own reference. Your statistics is at
    A: Yes you can. We have ActivePerl installed. Place your Perl scripts in the cgi-bin directory.
    A: Yes, you can. It is available for RM100 per year. Contactsalesfor more information.