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In today's global economy, there is no such thing as night-time. As you sleep, someone else from another part of the world is sending important business mail and doing business with you. If your mail server fails, your business might fail too.To prevent mails being lost whenever your mail server is down due to unstable connections like XDSL, ADSL, ISDN or leased lines, Hostpro2u is proud to offer its very own proven solution - E-mail Relay Hosting.

E-mail Relay Hosting Plan Space
** Upgraded **
Price (1st year) with 30% discount Select Plan
Email Relay Hosting Packages
STANDARD 100 MB + 400 MB = 500 MB 1200 - 30% = 840
SILVER 100 MB + 400 MB =1000 MB 2800 - 30% = 1960
GOLD 1000 MB + 1000 MB = 2000 MB 5000 - 30% = 3500

Customers whom purchase the above plan will entitle to 20% discount for renewal of 2nd to 4th year!

  • Works with any E-mail server software
  • One public IP address
Who can use it?

We recommend the E-mail Relay Hosting package for customers with mail servers using leased line/ broadband/ ISDN/ Streamyx/ Satellie dish connections without a backup mail server.