Email Filtration

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Email Filtration

Hostpro2u’s email filtration is an email monitoring solution for your business. It automatically filters and forwards all genuine emails, both: received and sent from your company email addresses to one admin account. This allows the top management to simply observe or to oversee all email exchanges in a department.

Archive Every Email

Keeps record of every email that is sent in and sent out from your company’s email accounts in one place.

Real-time Monitoring

It allows you to monitor all the email as soon as your employees received or sent them.

Runs in Complete Stealth

The system allows you to monitor in stealth, invisible to everyone else

Push Notification

Using push technology, it can enable you to receive pop-up notifications of the emails whenever & wherever you are.

Easy-to-use Interface

You will be able to access everything in the webmail aka SmarterMail.

E-mail Filtering

SmarterMail comes with its own filtering system that automatically filter out spam by default, that is also customizable.

Who Should Use This

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Email Filtration Plan

Yearly Billing
Min 5 users
1 GB Storage space per user

/user /mo


Comprehensive email filtering and archiving
Invisible Stealth Operation
SmarterMail interface
Spam Filtering
Everything in one easy-to-use interface
Push Notification

Cloud Hosting

The High performance cloud platform ever


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