Domain FAQ
    A: You can perform a whois lookup at here.
    A: Domain names are registered on a first come first served basis. If the domain name you want is taken, it is no longer available, unless the current registrant terminates the service and frees up the domain name. You may register for an alternative domain name in the meantime.
    A: You may keep the domain name as long as you have paid the domain fees and fulfill the terms and conditions imposed by Hostpro2u for these services.
    A: Yes, you can.
    A: You may put your own name servers if you have it. Otherwise, you may use Hostpro2u name servers: SVA025401: ( and SVA025402: (
    A: Yes, you can retain your domain name even if you switch Hosting Service Provider. However, you must inform both the existing and the new providers so that the necessary arrangements are made to transfer your domain name.
    A: Yes, however if you were to use our name servers there will be a RM100 DNS Hosting fee annually for maintaining your DNS records and use of our name servers.
    A: No, you can use any name servers you wish.
    A: No, we have a strict policy of not trusting unknown servers.
    A: Yes, but please remember we do no allow automatic updates.
    A: Yes, but we will not provide automatic updates.
    A: You will be entitled to a grace period of 40 days after the expiration date and status fall to suspension. (Grace period may vary for different domain extension) For more info regarding grace period, please call our customer service at +603-8084 3135.
    If customers did not renew the domain name before the expiry date or during the renewal grace period, it will drop into Redemption Period (RGP), customers are require to paid for the domain redemption fee (USD 200) as well as domain renewal fee in order to get back the domain.
    A: If customers did not restore the domain under RGP, it will either drop into pending delete state in which the domain will be release for public re-registration soon or immediately release for public re-registration. Customers will not be able to get back the domain name in this stage. Once deleted the domain name will open for world wide registration and there is no guarantee customer can get back the domain name as it is first come first serve basis.
    A: After expired, domain name will be taken out from DNS and therefore website/email will not work properly. After renewed, it will take 24-48 hours for the domain to work again.