SSL Certificate

Everything About SSL Certificates

Understanding SSL

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a technology used to create an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. It allows all transferred data to remain private between the web server and the browser itself.

Imagine submitting your personal details/financial details using an online form to an e-commerce website, you will want to ensure the website is secure, and your personal data will not be stolen by third parties.

What’s the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is a system for transmitting and receiving information across the internet also known as “application layer protocol”.
HTTPS is developed to allow website authorization and more secure transactions.

WHY install an SSL certificate?

Improve SEO Ranking
Google indicated that a website without an SSL certificate may actually have a lower ranking on search results compared with an equally valuable site that is installed with an SSL certificate. This is also the reason why many bloggers are now moving to HTTPS to secure their domain and website.

Security and Privacy
HTTPS will prevent tampering by third parties and make it more secure for your visitors when they make transactions on your website. It will encrypt all communication, including URLs, which protect visitors’ personal information such as browsing history and credit card numbers. Small business owners should definitely consider installing an SSL certificate to ensure their websites are more secure and private.

Referrer Data
At the point when traffic goes to an HTTPS site, the secure referral data is safeguarded. This is not what normally happens when traffic goes through an HTTP site.

All in all, SSL not only safeguards your customers’ data and information, but it also gives them better confidence to purchase and opt-in. Since many websites are now installed with SSL, it would be unwise if business owners are still slow to act. Act today, safeguard the privacy of your customers and give them more reasons to buy from you!

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SSL Certificate: Give your customers more reasons to buy and opt-in!