Hostpro2u Web Hosting
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Unsatisfied with your current hosting provider and looking for a better hosting provider? Congratulations! You’ve come to the right place.In Hostpro2u, we deliver the best to our customers. Our technical support is stationed in our data center providing 24 hours support to you.Be rest assured that you enjoy the best service as your web and email are running in separate branded servers that handles various processing independently.

  • Step 1. Choosing a hosting plan
    Choose a plan and place order online via Hostpro2u sales personal will contact you for payment. We will email the invoice and receipt to you once payment is completed.

  • Step 2. Creation of plan
    Hostpro2u support personal will create the plan and email the server configuration to you. You may follow the guides for webpages upload and email addresses creation once DNS changes is completed (in step 6).

  • Step 3. Backup webpages
    We strongly advise you to download current web contents to your local PC or burn it into a CD. You may keep this copy for future usage.

  • Step 4. Upload webpages
    We advise you to upload web contents to our server via temporary ip address that we’ve given. This is to ensure that your website functions perfectly after the DNS changes (in step 6).

  • Step 5. Duplicate email addresses
    You provide the list of email addresses that are running actively to Hostpro2u support personal. We will duplicate all email addresses with default password, to make sure that all emails deliver to your mailbox after the DNS changes.

  • Step 6. Changing of DNS
    Hostpro2u support personal will liaise with you to make changes to the domain DNS to point to Hostpro2u’s servers. We suggest to perform the changes during off-peak hours as DNS will take 24-48 hours to propagate.

  • Step 7. Download emails
    We advise all email users to download their emails to your preferred 3rd party email software (such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and etc), prior to the DNS changes (in step 6). Please remember any existing emails stored in current provider’s webmail will not be transferred to Hostpro2u server.

  • Step 8. Reconfigure email setting
    Customer who are using 3rd party email software (Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and etc) needs to reconfigure the email settings based on our server configuration sent to you in Step 2. Customers can also login to mailadmin page to reset password.

  • Step 9. Cancel previous hosting
    We advice customer to download emails from previous provider for the last time. Once done, customer informs previous hosting provider to cancel hosting service and remove the domain, DNS, web and email records to ensure all records are now pointed to Hostpro2u completely.

  • Step 10. Start enjoying!
    Bravo! Customer can now start enjoying the Best Hosting in Town!