SMS Hosting

Don't give yourself a headache when you need to send hundreds or even thousands of SMS's to individual customers, just let our bulk SMS tools handle it for you! Using the power of templates , you can send a personalised message to every one of your customers at the click of a button. Don't delay, sign up today for one of our comprehensive SMS Hosting plans!

SMS Hosting Plan Price (package) Select Plan
SMS Hosting Packages
STANDARD RM 1,000.00
SILVER RM 2,000.00
GOLD RM 3,000.00
* Prices are subject to changes

* Calculations are based on a standard English Text SMS (up to 152 characters max)
* SMS credits are strictly not transferable
** Inter-operator charges apply to operators in some countries. Click here to view the list
***Volume discount will be given to those purchasing more than 10,000 sms. Kindly email to for further enquiry.

  • Almost everyone carry one mobile phone with them. (Some carrying 2 or more).
  • For one thing, mobile phones are more affordable and much easier to carry with than say, a notebook or a PDA on which you can read your mail.
  • SMS is an 'always-on' service - you won't need to login to a mail service provider in order to receive SMS, ensuring that your messages arrive on time, everytime!
How you can benefits from sms sending:

1. Notifications or reminder messages (eg: promotion, new product, etc…)
2. Events / News / Greetings / Promotions announcement
3. Corporate news dissemination

Case Studies

SMS is not just a flash-in-the-pan gimmick - it has been successfully implemented in many varied environments. Take a look at some of our case studies to see how SMS can change the way your business works!

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