Advanced Plans
Microsoft Windows Power Dedicated Server Packages
Technical Specifications
Additional 1024 MB of RAM

Intel Xeon Quad Core E3-1230 3.20GHz
(Intel VT/ Intel EM64T/ EDB)
Cache 8MB L2 Cache • 1066 FSB
HardDisk 2000GB (2 Terabyte) ! Two (2 x 1000GB) 7200RPM HDD (Enterprise SATA)
Motherboard Intel Server Class Board
Onboard RAID 
0/1 Support
RAID 1 (Mirror) 1000GB Total (2 x 1000)
RAID 0 (Striping) 2000GB (2 x 1000)
IP Address Free 2 Static IP Addresses 
Network Card Type 100 Mbps Network Port 
Data Transfer Shared Bandwidth
Server Management Unmanaged
Full Remote Desktop Access Yes
Firewall Free Windows Firewall setup upon request
Data Center Cyberjaya - Malaysia
Hardware Replacement Free life-time replacement for all hardware failures
Delivery 5-7 business days (inclusive of server burn-in test)
One Time Setup Fee RM 1500
Monthly Fee (When Paid Yearly) Only RM 788/Month
Monthly Fee (When Paid Monthly) Only RM 888/Month 
Smartertools Bundle
Windows Mail Server Software:
SmarterMail 11.x 250 Users
worth RM 1,076
Web Log Analytics Software:
SmarterStats 8.x for 50 sites
worth RM 1,076
Customer Service Software:
SmarterTrack 9.x for 2 agents
worth RM 716
Full Remote Control Access Remote Desktop ROOT Access
** SmarterBundle Professional is provided at no additional cost to all new customers. The License keys will be emailed to the authorized contact person. Customers are responsible for all issues pertaining to Installation, Configuration and Maintenance of SmarterBundle Professional. However, E-Globalfocus can also provide installation assistance as an optional service (hourly rates) if required.
Windows Server Software List
Preinstalled Operating System Windows 2003/2008 Web Server Edition
Web Server MS IIS 6/7 Web Server
MYSQL Server Community Edition Can be downloaded FREE from Mysql Website
MS SQL Server Express 2005 Can be downloaded FREE from Microsoft's Website and installed
MS SQL Server Workgroup 2005 Optional (additional charges apply) 
Email Server Software SmarterMail or Mailenable Unlimited Domains & Users (additional charges apply)
Other Applications/Software No restrictions. 
Customer is free to install any other legal software of their choice
Full Remote Control Access Remote Desktop ROOT Access

Our scalable options allow us to become a flexible, secure and reliable extension of your IT infrastructure. We can provide you with high speed connectivity, quality technology, and peace of mind for your e-business. Let us work with you to choose the best solution to meet your current and future needs.

Benefits of our Dedicated Server Hosting:

Windows Web Server 2008 is specifically designed to be used as a single-purpose Web server. It is intended only for Internet accessible, frontend Web serving of Web pages, Web sites, and Web applications. Unlike the other core Windows Server 2008 products described above, Windows Web Server 2008 is licensed by a server license only; and no CALs are required. Exceptions to this no-CAL rule may occur when Windows Web Server 2008 is used as a scale-out front end for applications. Using Windows Web Server 2008 in these types of configurations offer customers an economical way to deploy scale-out applications. In such configurations, Windows Server CALs may still be required on the back end of a scale-out application.

Windows Web Server 2008 licensing is enhanced to allow any type of database software on the server software with no limit on the number of users. Licensing terms for Web Server also further clarify that the server software may only be used for front-end Web serving Internet accessible Web pages, Web sites, Web applications, Web services, and POP3 mail serving. With Windows Web Server 2008, you may run one instance of the server software in either the POSE or in a VOSE

  • For Front end web servers only 
  • Can run biz apps & internal collaboration and portal software on same server with no user limit 
  • Does not have AD/DNS and DHCP
Windows Web Server 2008 : Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Can I use the Web Server as a file server or an application server? 
A. No. Windows Web Server 2008 can be used solely to deploy Internet facing Web pages, Web sites, Web applications, Web services, and POP3 mail serving.

Q: With Windows Web Server 2008, am I restricted to only running non-enterprise level database application software with the server software?
A: No. With Windows Web Server 2008, you may run any level of enterprise/non-enterprise database application software with the server software. 

Q: Can database software running on Web Server 2008 support external applications running on other servers? 
A: No, with Web Server 2008, the database software may only support applications that are running on the same local instance of Web Server 2008.